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Multiply the power of your mind.

A Maven is a trusted expert who shares their knowledge with others.

12 Mavens is a private, by invitation only community of CEOs and entrepreneurs from different noncompeting companies who have joined together to serve as each others' confidential think tank and sounding board that's made up of like-minded risk takers.

No one CEO is as smart as 12 smart CEOs combined together.

When all of the CEOs in a 12 Mavens group get together, there's this new ability for everyone to be able to get inside of other CEO's worlds, and hear each others' strategies and best practices, in a way that otherwise they would have never had access to.

By leveraging and combining connections, ideas, resources and past experiences with your own private network of connected CEO's, you become part of something unique.

Word is spreading so quickly about what we’re doing because there aren’t a lot of opportunities like this for CEOs and entrepreneurs, so the groups are fortunate to be in high demand. 

To determine if there's a mutual fit and inquire about how you can attend a first meeting, email to message us. We will contact you directly.

A 12 Mavens group will soon be launching in the Pittsburgh, PA region.  More info will be coming soon...


Top 10 Reasons to Join a CEO Peer Group

By Jim Schleckser - CEO, Inc.