3 Apps I use to help me get more done in less time...

How do you get more done in less time?  Isn't that THE question?  Well, there are many answers to that question and I don't want to give the idea that the point of life is to get a bunch of stuff done, but there is something to be said for leveraging the advances in technology to work more efficiently.

Our life is our time.  So why not benefit from some of the many tools that have been created to free up our time so that we can invest this precious resource in the higher priority areas of our lives?

The tools that I'm specifically speaking of are those amazing things called apps.  As of this morning, there are over 2 million of them in both the App Store (for all of you Apple fans) and 2.8 million in the Google Play Store (for all of you Android lovers...that would be me).

Because of this overwhelming number, you and I both know that when you're searching for a specific kind of app, trying to choose the "best" one can be overwhelming because of the sheer volume you have to choose from.

It's kind of like when my wife and I go to Home Depot and she wants me to help her pick out paint colors...NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!   Sometimes I honestly wonder if the paint color designers at Sherwin Williams have a sadistic side to them...I digress.

There are a dozen  or so apps that I use regularly, but I want to share my top 3.  I use these every day and they have become invaluable for me as a solopreneur.  The thing I love about these beyond what they do, is they can be used across multiple platforms, whether you want to access them from your computer or phone, and regardless of whether you are an Apple or Android lover.  Here we go.

  1. Evernote - Evernote is an app that helps me capture, store, file, and organize information.  So many people waste an incredible amount of time simply because they don't have a system for storing and organizing information.  Trust me.  I know.  I am one of the more disorganized people on the planet.  That's why I love this app.  Evernote has an amazing filing system that helps me organize and retrieve my information through the use of notes, notebooks, and tags.  For example, much of what I do involves coaching, teaching, and writing, so I read...A LOT.  As such, I need a system that helps me capture and organize all of the valuable and relevant information that I want to use.  Evernote has a camera function that allows me to capture that information and then easily choose which notebook I want to save it in.  I have an "Illustrations" notebook that I keep all of my illustrations in and use tags to separate my illustrations into different topics.  This saves me so much time when I am preparing talks.  Evernote also has a really cool Web Clipper function that is an icon in my browser on my laptop.  Whenever I come across an article that I'm reading that I want to save or use, I click on the Web Clipper icon, my Evernote window pops up, and in a few clicks, store the information in one of my notebooks.  Evernote can be used for so many things...journalling, capturing recipes, storing pictures, storing documents, etc. In short, it's awesome!
  2. Todoist - Todoist is my task/checklist app.  There are a ton of these kinds of apps out there and I have used many of them.  I like Todoist because it is so easy to use.  It allows me to easily enter tasks, set dates and times of when I want to accomplish them, set up recurring tasks, and organize them into my priority categories.  The mobile platform is awesome.  Enough said.
  3. Buffer - Buffer is the app that allows me to send updates to all of my different social media channels in one simple place.  All I need to do is link my different social media accounts to my Buffer account and voila!  One update goes out to multiple channels.  Buffer even gives me the opportunity to set up a schedule of posts at the beginning of the week and then forget about it.  It automatically sends the posts based on the schedule I set up.

There you have it.  Those are 3 of my favs.  I'd love to hear what some of yours are for getting more done in less time.