A Different Perspective on Passion

 There are certain people whose email blasts I happily subscribe to because they challenge me into different and better thinking.  These people help expand my perspectives -- which I know that I desperately need.


Seth Godin is the type of person who likes to come at things from a different angle.


Recently Seth wrote about the topic of passion -- a very hot topic these days when it comes to living a successful and purposeful life.


I love Seth’s perspective on this topic and want to share it with you. Here’s what he wrote...


“Offer me something I’m passionate about and I’ll show up with all of my energy, effort and care.” That’s a great way to hide. Because nothing is good enough to earn your passion before you do it. Perhaps, in concept, it’s worthy, but as soon as you closely examine the details and the pitfalls, it’s easy to decide it’s better to wait for a better offer. What about considering the opposite?“Offer me a chance to contribute, and I’ll work hard on it, with focus, and once I begin to make progress, I’ll become passionate about it.” Work before passion measures our craft in terms of contribution, not in an idealized model of perfection. Passion comes from feeling needed, from approaching mastery, from doing work that matters.”


Good stuff! So many of us want to experience passion without perspiration. We want fulfillment and satisfaction without the sweat. We want all the puzzle pieces of our success to neatly fit into place before we begin the journey toward living a fulfilling and truly purposeful life.


Truth be told, however, is that the answers we are seeking to some of our biggest questions (i.e. - “What is my passion?”) don’t come until we "step into life."  In other words, the learning is in the doing.


Below are a few practical steps you can take to "step into life" and gain more clarity around your passion…

  1. Identify an area of interest that involves making a difference in someone’s life.

  2. Identify and write down one single step that you can take to start down this path.

  3. Put yourself on the clock with a deadline.

  4. Tell a friend about your commitment. Ask them to check in with you on the day after your deadline.

Here’s to living a life of deep purpose and passion.