Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader. They set out to make a difference. Its never about the role; it’s always about the goal.

Coaching Services

Realize Your Potential


Individual Coaching

Exclusive one-on-one coaching for CEOs and top leaders in their organizations focused on strong leadership and leaving a legacy.

Increase Your Effectiveness


Leadership Development

Develop skills and learn foundational principles to increase your effectiveness. Six and 12 week courses for teams.

Build Cohesive Teams


Culture Development and Assessments

A steadfast commitment for deep transformation. Create healthy, sustainable and highly productive teams.

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Find out the #1 issue affecting your company’s culture

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I work with G.R.E.A.T. people:

Growing, Responsible, Engaged, Authentic and Teachable. 


I Help You Find Your Purpose

  • What will you do with your one and only life?

  • How do you want to be remembered?

  • What is your core purpose?

  • What's your plan to achieve that purpose?

Do you want to be a true leader who adds value and positive influence on those you lead? There is a pathway that will help you discover and pursue the deepest passions of your heart.

Get ready to unleash your potential

Not sure yet? It's okay! I'd love to offer you a free 30 minute discovery session to begin unearthing some of your hidden potential.


I joined the John Maxwell Team out of a deep passion to add value to people, and to help them unlock and unleash their passions, potential and influence.

In this short video, Bill explains how coaching can help you grow. He offers a free coaching session in the video; so watch and find out more!

That's what John did for me 20 years ago. While a young and inexperienced pastor who couldn't even spell the word "leader," I attended one of John's conferences. I was so impacted by what I learned over those two days that I could hardly get up from my chair. It was the first time I had heard anyone teach on the absolutely vital importance and power of leadership.

Those two days changed everything for me. I resolved to do for others what John had done for me: to help people pursue their God-given dreams and passions and realize their full leadership potential.

I have discovered, through leading and working with people from all walks of life, that no matter what our background or title or salary, each of us has a unique story. We all possess a one-of-a-kind combination of priceless resources (passions, personalities, gifts, and life-experiences) that God wants us to use to make an irreplaceable difference in this world.

With 20 years of experience in building dynamic volunteer teams in a non-profit organization, coaching people from a broad variety of vocations and backgrounds (business leaders to dairy farmers), and leading and developing the staff of a thriving multi-site church in Northwestern Pennsylvania, I believe that I have the character, passion, and experience to help you unleash your full leadership potential.


  • Guiding and coaching you through a process of self-discovery that will enable you to unleash the God-given passions, dreams, and intelligence that already reside within you.

  • Providing you with tools and principles that will enable you to grow your influence and effectiveness as a leader.

  • Providing leadership training and coaching for your organization.

“Prior to coaching, I was already on journey to leadership but knew I needed to grow. I had the aspiration to help people but really didn’t know the fundamentals of how to help or understand the real impact I could have on not only people’s careers but their lives. Through coaching, I realized 2 things: (1) I need to keep learning and make sure to set aside time to do so. Once I become stagnant in learning how can I help anyone else grow. And (2), if I don’t serve others as a leaders, and make that my priority, I am no longer a leader but a manager. If you only strive to get somewhere, you are going to miss helping the people around you grow and change for the better. Within 6 months from coaching, I have helped 5 people get promoted and learned that their success is my success. I have also learned to let go. I cannot succeed by doing everything myself. I need a great team surrounding me with different abilities, different personalities, that all challenge me on a daily basis to be the best person I can be.” -
— Tina Hopper (ERIE Insurance)
Bill Cox is truly gifted in the area of developing leadership skills and coaching individuals to greater performance. He passionately delivers relevant material in a personal way that encourages you to change for the better. I could not give a greater recommendation than Bill to anyone looking to improve in their personal or work life.
— Troy Young, Divisional Loss Prevention Manager AutoZone
Bill Cox is a gifted inspirer and the opportunity his influence affords is life propelling! After just one consultation with him, I was challenged to ask myself some deep questions about why I do the things I do personally and in my business- which is at the root of growth. Within weeks I reorganized many aspects of my business, made goals and took Bill’s personalized recommendations for my actions steps. These things have kept me motivated and have given me confidence as a person which has positively affected not just my business, but my whole life!
— Julia Allman - Owner at Honest Aromas
Thank you for being a blessing and sowing into my team, our community and myself.
— Corporate Coaching Client / Business Owner
“I have had a 25-year career thus far in public accounting at KPMG and The Pepsi Bottling Group. I have attended many leadership conferences and trainings around the US. Bill Cox coaching is top notch, unique and special. Bill listens. He makes you think deep, sometimes deeper than you really want to think (self-reflection). He cares about people, personally and professionally. With Bill’s help, my company owners have separated their assets, and are working in the areas that most fulfill them. This helps our team have more clarity and long-term direction. We are excited about continuing our relationship with Bill Cox Coaching, and we know that it will help drive our team in the right direction towards positive growth and stronger business profits. I highly recommend Bill Cox Coaching to any person or business that wants to grow in the right direction!”
— Tricia Restifo (CFO, Troyer Inc.)