Executive Coaching


Most people have never been in a coaching relationship and don’t understand its power.

Coaching is a process that empowers you to unlock and unleash your God-given potential. A coaching relationship typically lasts 3-6 months and through this process you will discover your deepest dreams, desires and goals. 

Executive coaching is a one-to-one, private coaching environment. Whether you own a business, or want to perform better in your current role, this is a designed alliance through which you will:

  • Become aware of the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • Learn how to think-into-your-results by working at the "cause" end of your cause-and-effect equation

  • Gain clarity in key growth areas which are crucial to your success

  • Create a strategic, powerful plan designed to help you reach your desired outcomes

  • Be empowered to overcome those challenges and take significant steps toward owning God’s dream for your life


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Bill is phenomenal at asking great questions and listening. He is then able to offer multiple solutions. He has really helped me process some big decisions I had to make in my business.
— Steve Cox, Principle Owner, Cox and Kanyuck Electric Company
Bill is one of the best leadership coaches that I have had the privilege of working with. I have had a 25-year career thus far in public accounting at KPMG and The Pepsi Bottling Group. I have attended many leadership conferences and trainings around the US. Bill is top notch, unique, and special. Bill listens. He makes you think deep, sometimes deeper than you really want to think. He cares about people, personally and professionally.
Bill really got to know our team and he coached us through tough times. Our team was not cohesive. We had leadership challenges with owners wanting to go in different directions.
With Bill’s help, the owners have separated their assets, and are working in the areas that most fulfill them. Now our team has more clarity and long-term direction.
We are excited about continuing our relationship with Bill Cox Coaching and we know that it will help drive our team in the right direction toward positive growth and stronger business profits.
I highly recommend Bill to any person or business that want to grow in the right direction.
— Tricia Restifo, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager, Troyer Inc.
I began leading a larger church in the winter of 2014. I quickly realized that I needed to grow in my leadership so the church could grow. I connected with Bill at a leadership event he hosted in Erie and asked him to coach me. As Bill has encouraged me to be more confident and comfortable in who I am, the church has grown. The leadership of the church has seen my growth and they are starting to grow as leaders as well. Bill helped us move forward quicker than we would have on our own.
— Seth McClymonds, Sr. Pastor, Tower Church