Leadership Development


Leadership Development can be done through Executive Coaching or through Group Coaching. Through Group Coaching, you and your team will unlock and unleash your God-given potential. We do this through Mastermind Groups.

A mastermind group is a gathering of 8-10 like-minded people who are motivated to grow and make lasting changes in their lives and in their leadership through an interactive learning environment. The learning and growth from this unique environment exponentially increases the learning and growth of each participant because of the shared perspectives, experiences, wisdom and intelligence.

Group coaching via Mastermind Groups are typically 6-12 weeks. Your team will:

  • Discover their deepest dreams, desires and goals.

  • Become aware of the self-limiting beliefs that are holding them back

  • Be empowered to overcome those challenges and take significant steps toward owning their potential

As a result of group coaching, I have seen teams become more cohesive and productive.


Mastermind options for self leadership

  • The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth (8 weeks)

  • Today Matters (12 weeks)

  • Put Your Dream to the Test (10 weeks)

  • Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn (10 weeks)

  • Intentional Living

  • The 90 Day Trek for Leadership

Mastermind options for leading others

  • Everyone Communicates Few Connect (8 weeks)

  • Becoming a Person of Influence (6 weeks)

  • How to Become a R.E.A.L. Success (8 weeks)

  • Good Leaders Ask Great Questions (6 weeks)

  • Developing the Leaders Around You (10 weeks)

  • Leadership Gold (12 weeks)

GeT Started

If you're not sure whether or not a Mastermind Group is right for your team or organization, I'm offering you a free 45 Minute Lunch-n-Learn - no limit on the size of group. Click the button below, and we'll schedule a time for me to come visit during lunchtime to talk with you and your team. After that, we'll schedule a 45 minute follow up phone call to discuss your team's specific needs and design a strategy for moving forward.

Bill does a great job of asking questions that challenge me to apply what I am learning and think about how the decisions I am making now could affect how I lead in the future. The mastermind class helped put me on a trajectory that has caused me to seek personal growth in many areas of my life like my faith, marriage, family and business. I would highly recommend Bill Cox to any organization that wants to help grow their people.
— Brad Stuart - Business Owner
I attended Bill’s 90-Day Leadership Trek here at Erie Insurance and found the experience very inspiring, powerful, and motivating. The journey we took during the course brought my team and I closer, providing the opportunity to see situations from another viewpoint, which then opened the door for some fruitful discussion. The leadership coaching that we received not only helped me as a manager at work, but more importantly in my home life, in developing a stronger appreciation for my most important team member - my wife. In the end, I found myself inspired to want to share my learnings with others and start supporting them in their causes. This was the gift that was given to me during the course and one that I plan to pass on at every opportunity.
— Damir Brescic, IT Security Manager at Erie Insurance Group
Coaching from Bill Cox has been an amazing eye opener for me professionally as well as personally. I continue to use the skills he has taught me every single day which I think has made me a better person to myself and those around me.
— Mike Gryncewicz, Associate Software Engineer at Erie Insurance Group
“Loved the class! It has really helped me gain an understanding of who I am right now, what type of person/leader I want to become, and provided me with some tools and techniques to help me get there. I truly feel inspired to become a better version of myself after taking the class.”

”I highly enjoyed this course and getting to learn the perspectives of my coworkers. Thank you for an awesome 12 weeks!”

”Excellent class that made you think outside of yourself and take another look at how you currently work in situations.”

”Bill’s passion for the topic is extremely effective at getting others invested in the process. Facilitation was excellent.”

”This course was a great experience for me. Kudos to Bill and our group.”
— From various "90 Day Trek for Leadership" course participants